Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Show me the bus pass

June 2, 2014

so on tuesday we had a district meeting and then i was on exchange with elder diederich and we were able to teach two people with some members and then we went to teach another investigator and someone we had been trying to get ahold of finally called us back and we set up an appointment with him for that night!! unfortunatly serving in manchester has its downside as well... if they are ysa aged then we have to turn them over to the ysa elders.
i cant remember wednesday. thursday we had weekly planning and we were tracting an area and we ran into this man who believes in almost everything we believe in except that he doesnt believe that there was an apostasy and a restoration, so we are super excited to meet with him and teach him.
friday we taught a man who had been referred to us but unfortunatly he is ysa aged as well. then later we went to go see a less-active but he wasnt in and on the way back a man tried to get on the bus but he wouldnt show the bus driver his pass, so the bus driver wouldnt let him on so he started saying that the bus driver was racist (i think he was jamaican)(the man not the bus driver) and started threatining the bus driver and no one on the bus said anything haha he had one person read the validity date but at the same time he was covering the picture (we are pretty sure the pass was stolen) and as soon as the man stepped off of the bus the bus driver shut the doors and drove away hahahha.
saturday we helped clean a members flat who is moving back to oklahoma, and we helped clean the chapel.
on sunday... Jordan came to visit!!!!

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