Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Another Great Week

May 26, 2014

GPS holder Elder Butterfield made from
an old football (In America, it's a soccer ball)
hahahahahahha leave it to dad to buy chickens!!! haha unfortunatly i forgot my journal so i dont remember much but, 

on wednesday we played football with the young men (american football) , 

thursday we had a mission activity day and we had a relay race and i had to eat a plain bagel and i beat the person i was competing against!! 


saturday after the sisters investigator got baptized we had an investigator call us saying that he wanted to meet with us today so we made some calls and got a member to go with us, pick up our investigator, and bring him to the chapel where we watched the restoration dvd and had a great lesson.

Elder Butterfield practices
his mending skills

Monday, May 19, 2014


May 19, 2014

so on monday we got to take the zone leaders car to rossendale valley to get my pills but when we got there they were closed:( but never fear because the next day after district meeting we jumped on a bus (actually we walked onto the bus but it wouldve been funny to see two missionaries jumping on a bus haha) and luckily we were able to go and fill my prescription, bring home the precious cargo, and plan for the next day seeing as how it was basically already 9:00(side note: we may have street contacted for a while before 9 its just that i cant remember if we did anything else).

Then on wednesday I was on exchange with Elder Chong!! woohooo!! and at the same time we got our flat looked at so that we could get some needed repairs. then later in the evening we went with brother bob and went home teaching.
on thursday we had our weekly party... i mean planning hahahah and during that time i was able to make some calls and try to set up some appointments.
on friday we went to piccadilly and met a man (who was one of the people i called on thursday!!) and we were able to teach him and get to know him and he is interested in learning more!
on saturday, 4-Hour Finding!!, we went with two members to partington and tried to contact a former investigator who unfortunately wasnt in so we tracted the neighborhood and as we were leaving, lo and behold the former investigator pulled up!! talk about a miracle. then later we came to the YSA building and taught another man who also seems very interested in learning more. then we went with yet another member to salford and we went by a few people and one man let us in and we were able to teach him and he too wants to know more!!! talk about seeing the Lord's hand in helping us to find more people to teach!!