Wednesday, August 20, 2014


August 18, 2014
Monday we taught one of our investigators and i couldnt focus at all and i kept on insisting that we watch the
Elder Butterfield & Elder J. Smith
Elder Butterfield & Elder Caliera
restoration dvd and finally my companion gave in and we watched it and after watching it i could focus so much better and we could really feel the spirit. then 2 minutes after we left the chapel we realized that we forgot the phone in the chapel so we had to run back and get it and found out that our next appt. had canceled on us so we went to try by another investigator but they werent in so we started to head back to our flat and street contacted a kid, had a lesson on the spot and set up a return appt..
on tuesday we had district meeting and then i went on an exchange with elder kelly and we went and saw one of their investigators who was about to get married.

on thursday we had weekly planning and had 2 on the spot lessons.
Elder Butterfield & Elder Quaresma
on friday we had interviews with president ulrich.
on saturday we were able to have 2 on the spot lessons despite all of our appts. falling through.
on sunday we unfortunately werent able to have any lessons.


Elder Butterfield, turned criminal....breaking
into his own apartment when he and Elder Smith
forgot their keys!
"A slug the size of the U.K."
"Abbey Road.....Sorry Aunt Sue, it's not
the real thing!"
"Me, dying carrying the groceries home"
"Ashes lives"  (We had a miniature
schnauzer that passed away that looked
just like this dog.