Wednesday, November 27, 2013

2 Weeks in one....November 27, 2013

Here are Elder Butterfield's emails from last week and this.....

Who says you can't sit and cook at the same time...
 November 18, 2013

well i forgot to write in my journal for a couple of days so itll be kinda short, on tuesday we had a district meeting and then helped blackburn with their AUFs, wednesday practically all of our plans fell through, thursday we had weekly planning and then we visited our friend, friday we were going to play sports with our friend but he wasnt feeling too good so that kinda fell through so on the way back to our flat we were throwing the football around and i had an amazing catch in the middle of the road. on saturday we had tea with a less-active member and we ended up helping him with a 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle, sunday we went to see our friend again and helped cheer him up.
November 27, 2013

Last tuesday we had a tea appointment and then had a coordination meeting, wednesday we had a zone meeting in chorley and then when we were heading back to our flat we came across a fight. thursday we had weekly planning, friday we decided to move our couch downstairs but forgot to have someone on the other side so we ended up getting stuck upstairs for a while, saturday we had a special stake conference in chorley, sunday we had stake conference in chorley and also on saturday i found out that i am staying in rossendale valley with elder rodgers.. WOOHOO Christmas!, monday we went to help our friend move to his new flat, tuesday we helped our friend with moving some more of his stuff and then went to my doctors appointment in preston... oh yeah and i saw a ferrari

Monday, November 11, 2013

November 11, 2013...American Football and chance to see a good friend, Elder Leiva!

November 11, 2013

Tuesday we had a zone meeting and on the way back i got to see.... ELDER LEIVA!! i was so excited but our train had pulled up so i had to get on and unfortunately i couldnt get a picture or talk to him but i got to give him a hug. It was guy fawkes night so we had to be in by 5.

Wednesday we had to go on an exchange with the zone leaders and i ended up going to chorley 4 with Elder Bahr, we had our hour and 2 appointment fell through within half an hour, also Elder Bahr got the car stuck on a kerb (curb) which was pretty embarrasing, then we had a tea appointment.

Thursday we exchanged back and had weekly planning.

Friday we had an exchange with the district leader and i stayed in Rawtenstall with Elder Tuioti who is the district leader. We went and saw one of our investigators and i helped fix his laptop for him. Then we went and saw his friend who has pet snakes and spiders yuck!

Saturday we exchanged back and went to go see our friend again.
Sunday we went again to see our friend but he wasn’t in so we went to go see a member and he also wasn’t in... on the bright side we got to see an american style mustang.

***The picture on left is Mike, covered in mud after a fun game of American football! 

Monday, November 4, 2013

November 4, 2013-Halloween costume this year.....MISSIONARY!

November 4, 2013,

Tuesday there was a lot of rain and hail, we are also now teaching someone who has been taught by missionaries before.

Wednesday we went and saw a less active and then we got a call from a member that sounded urgent and we ended up talking to their friend and now we are teaching him as well.

Thursday i had my 1st halloween on my mission.. just 1 more to go haha and we also had to be in by 5 and then we got picked up to go to our tea appointment and we ended up playing uno at that members home and elder rodgers gave candy to the trick or treaters that came to their door.

Friday we were finally able to buy some food.

Sunday we had church and then we ended up going to see a friend of ours and we talked to him and set up an appointment with him to throw around the football because he loves america