Thursday, June 26, 2014


June 23, 2014


Elder Caleira, Elder Butterfield, Elder Hotchkiss, Elder Rasmussen

Elder Coleman, Elder ?, Elder Butterfield
Elder Wilkerson & Elder Butterfield
Saying Goodbye to Elder Leiva
Surprise visit from Jordan and Cara
?, Elder Rasmussen, & Elder Butterfield

so my week in a nutshell...

haha so earlier we were invited to come to a bible study at a church that was described as a green hut..... turns out he wasnt lying haha so after 2 weeks of trying to get there ( first week something came up, and the second week we couldnt find it because... WE WENT LEFT INSTEAD OF JUST LOOKING TO THE RIGHT WHERE IT WAS ABOUT 1 MINUTE WALK AWAY!!!)

we also went to transfers:) haha we got to go since elder chong was going home and had to go to the temple at 6:30 in the morning so his companion became our companion for a while so we got to go to transfers!! 

also on friday i got to go on a mini exchange with a brand new missionary, Elder Konyana, (been in the mission for 2 days) and we were able to go and teach a lesson.

then on saturday elder rasmussen and i went to birkenhead so elder rasmussen could baptise someone that he taught before and upon arrival he realized that he forgot all of his baptismal clothes at the flat haha.

and last but not least i got to hang out with Jordan and Cara!!

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