Thursday, June 26, 2014


June 9, 2014


so tuesday we had a district meeting and then went out with a member and went by some less actives.


wednesday i was on exchange with elder vaquera and we went out with the same member and elder vaquera and i were knocking on doors and we ended up teaching a woman the restoration for 30 minutes on her doorstep.


thursday we exchanged back and it was supposed to be our weekly planning but we had to go get new bus passes so we were late getting back, then we had to go to a lunch appointment, then when we came back to the flat we had to wait for the repairman to finish so that we could get the zone leaders key back.


friday we went out and conquered a lot of Auf's in the middle of manchester and guess what!!! some protesters decided to ride around manchester on their bikes completely naked!!! how crazy is that! luckily we recieved an advanced warning from the zone leaders and we left the area before it happened.


saturday in the morning the district leaders in our zone had a meeting with the zone leaders so the 5 junior companions took their car and knocked an entire neighbourhood.


sunday, we went to the missionary fireside, and i saw elder leiva and elder gourratt who was also trained by elder leiva!! and jordan was there at the same time!!! haha then on the way back from the fireside we got stuck in traffic and we were 1 mile away from our flat for 1 hour!! 1 HOUR!!!!! we didnt get back until 11:00 pm.




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