Monday, July 1, 2013

July 1, 2013

Coconut Water!
Tuesday we went to the Temple and didn't get back till late because on the way back we stopped to get something to eat. 

Wednesday all of the appointments we had fell through except for our dinner appointment.

Thursday it rained all day so we visited an investigator and then we went to our dinner appointment and had fish and chips (french fries). 

Friday it rained all day, and I started calling people in the area book to see if I could find anyone who was still interested in hearing our message, but no one really was. 

You will never believe what happened when we were walking to the bus stop on the way back from seeing a less active family...... MY UMBRELLA BROKE!!!  It was raining pretty hard and I was using my umbrella and it started getting very windy so I tried to shut my umbrella and when I did it broke. 

Saturday I realized that I have been here for a month! We went and saw some less actives, one of which hasn't been coming to church for at least 10 years and we stopped by a former investigator who we had talked to and cleared some things up, but she is going away on holiday and told us to try back in September.

Sunday the less active member who hasn't been to church for at least 10 years came to church.
We don't know what is happening with Adam. Gary said he was going to be there, but wasn't able to make it. He texted us later saying that he was dizzy. On another note, students from BYU Provo participating in the study abroad program were at our church as well and we filled up the chapel.

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