Wednesday, July 24, 2013

July 24, 2013

July 24, 2013


July 16th, tuesday, we had an amazing transfer meeting and then we went and saw our investigator who wants to be baptized on his birthday which is the 24th of august.

Wednesday we went to the first 5 weeks training and i got to see everyone who went to the mtc with me.

Thursday i was able to talk to a whole lot of people.

Friday i went on a zone leader exchange with a zone leader who is leaving this transfer. We were in Runcorn when we got the transfer call and i am staying in Colwyn Bay with elder Leiva.

Saturday elder Leiva found a sidebag in a closet and didnt want it so i got to keep it so now i have a sidebag.

Sunday our investigator came to church!  It was amazing and he loves church and we love seeing him there.

Monday, we didnt have pday because of transfers this week... elder adair the zone leader is going home... well his parents are coming here first and then traveling around with him first and then going back to the states with him. We had a service project and then ran over to a members house so elder Leiva could order his side bag from amazon and when we arrived at the flat as we were getting of the bus i happened to look up and there were two girls sitting in the back of the bus and they started waving at me which was funny because i was still in my service clothes. 
We also found out that there will be a full mission conference on the 8th of August and there will be 4 General Authorities one of which being Elder Holland!

We went to Abergele to try to find previous potential investigators from like 2011.      i bought something for olivia for her birthday but i havent sent it yet and i got something for both you and dad.


***(Elder Butterfield's response to my question about if there was any advice he would give to future missionaries):  study preach my gospel, read the BoM, fellowship with the missionaries

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