Monday, June 24, 2013

June 24, 2013----Another Exciting Week in the Mission Field

June 24, 2013

Last P-day we went shopping and ended up leaving the paper towels at the store by accident, so, the next day we went and bought more.  When we went to the bus stop to catch the bus back to the flat a 16 year old boy named Adam came up to us and asked if we were Mormon. 

When we said yes, he asked us what our beliefs about Christmas were, so we told him that that we believed in Christmas the same as most others and then taught him the Restoration on the spot and invited him to read the Book of Mormon and set up an appointment for that Saturday which was later changed to that Friday. 

That Friday we taught him the first lesson and invited him to come to church which he agreed to and asked to see the chapel (the church is basically a big office space with flimsy walls) so we showed him the chapel. 

That night we met with Gary who has been an investigator for almost 7 years and invited him to be baptized on the 27th of July which is right after transfers. On Sunday, Adam couldnt come and we couldn't get in touch with Gary.  Maybe next week.

Homemade Pizza by Mike
 I completely forgot my journal so if i forgot anything ill include it in my next email..and yes the members are feeding us....and feeding us..haha 

****(side note from his mom:  Last week Mike sent a plea for cheap and easy recipes--- fast, which I immediately emailed to him.....but, being a worried mom, and knowing that his money is very limited and he isn't the worlds best cook----actually, he might even qualify for the worlds worst cook...haha...just kidding...he makes awesome pizza---see picture to the right.....Anyway,  I wondered if he was eating, I sent him an email asking if he was eating enough and if the members of the church were feeding him and his companion......that is the reason for his mention of the members feeding them.  Sigh of relief.....It sounds like they are being well taken care of...Thank you to all of the members of his ward!!!!)

Oh and for Boston....I SAW A LAMBORGHINI !!!! but we were on a DOUBLE DECKER BUS and i couldnt get my camera out fast enough.
I believe this was taken from the DOUBLE DECKER BUS Mike was on.
I believe these are the stairs leading down from  the top of the DOUBLE DECKER BUS Mike was on

If you look closely you can see the Rainbow in the clouds


I wonder if this is the CASTLE that is the background on Mike's blog.  I've sent an email asking him....maybe we'll know more next week.

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