Tuesday, September 9, 2014


"The Tree of Life"
September 8, 2014

Tuesday, we threw the football around with one of our investigators, then later when we were tracting elder smith really couldnt concentrate so everything he was saying was jumping around and i couldnt help but laugh and the person at the door thought it was quite funny as well.
A magnet Elder Butterfield sent home to his
Aunt Sue who absolutely loves the Beatles

 on wednesday we had a district meeting and church website hour.

Elder Butterfield saying goodbye to two of his friends
on thursday we had weekly planning and then the stevens came and picked us up to go to preston to get my prescription, we left at 4 and didnt get there until 7:03. then afterwards we went and ate at McDonalds and on our way out a "born again" started talking to us and asking questions so we talked to her and ended up giving her a B.o.M, we didnt get back to our flat until 10:15 and at 10:30 we got a call from the assistants telling us what was going to happen to us for transfers... which i was told that we are whitewashing out, my companion is going to barrow-in-furnace (sounds a bit hot but ive heard it gets really cold there in the winter) and i am transferring to be a senior companion to elder griffiths.

Saying goodbye to a member from his ward
on friday we helped put boxes up in our investigators attic, painted a members fence green (and apparently our hands as well (sorry forgot to get a picture)) went to McDonalds for tea with a member and went to the baptism of the other elders investigator.

on saturday we got transfer calls although i already knew what was happening, weeded another members garden, had family history hour, and went and taught another investigator.
Elder Butterfield with Elder Lee & Elder Kelly

on sunday we tried to go to someone else’s church but we wer

e told the wrong time so it was over when we got there.

A friend's rat
A friend and his rats

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