Thursday, September 18, 2014


September 15, 2014
"One of my friends from Telford"
Another friend from Telford
Monday we played pool with the other elders but we were missing the #2 ball so we went looking for one but we luckily didnt find one because we later found the #2 ball.
Tuesday we had a zone meeting.
Wednesday we had transfer meeting.. first day in warrington with elder griffiths.
Elder Butterfield & Elder Quaresma
Partial Stretford flat reunion (Elder Caleira is already home)
Thursday we had weekly planning and we went around so i could get to know the area. on friday in the morning we had service at the Barlow's (turning up the dirt in their garden) later we had tea at the Engelke's, then went to another members' home and got attacked by a little kid who kept trying to wrestle with me.. it was hilarious.

Who knew....Elder Griffith is a superhero!
Saturday there was a WW1 ommemoration at the chapel, then we went to a place called Widnes to try to contact a referral. later we had tea at the Whiteheads' (senior couple) and then rode our bikes around trying to contact P.i.'s (potential investigator) and less-actives.
Watch out Santa, Elder Butterfield found
a Santa Suit in his new flat
Sunday we went tracting and had an on-the-spot lesson with someone who was already a P.i. but we didnt know that until later.

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