Thursday, April 24, 2014

April 21, 2014- Did the Driver forget He Was Driving?

April 21, 2014

I think Elder Butterfield must have broken all fingers this past week, because he didn't send a weekly report, only answers to the questions I asked him.  I can't think of any other reason he wouldn't have sent the report. hahaha  He gets an A+ on sending pictures though, so we'll just have to make up our own stories of how his week went.  It looks like he is doing so well and loving his area!

Preparation Day Temple Trip
Left to right:  Elder Quaresma, Elder Chong, Elder Caleira, Elder Butterfield (my favorite :)), Elder Yates, & Elder Razandahy

Preparation Day Temple Trip
Flat Mates:  Elder Butterfield, Elder Caleira, Elder Chong, & Elder Yates

So, would the appropriate name for this picture be "Dumbfounded?"  lol!

So, I guess Elder Butterfield & Elder Chong (one the zone leaders he shares an apartment with) were having just a little too much fun with their bunkbeds!

Elder Butterfield & Elder Yates

Did the Driver forget he was driving?.......The missionaries carpooled on their way to the temple for p-day.  This is a picture Elder Butterfield took of the missionaries in the other car.  When I showed this to Mike, I said, that is so dangerous to be taking a picture while you are driving.  Then, he reminded me that the person taking the picture wasn't the England, they drive on the other side of the car.  Whew!  Good to know the driver hadn't forgetten he was driving!

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