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JANUARY 12, 2015

A few days before transfers!
 Tuesday we had a zone meeting and I found out that in one of the past harvesters there was a man who was baptized and I was listed as one who taught him which I thought was a typo but it turns out that when I was in Stretford I was just calling a lot of people on our P.i. sheets and called this man and he told me that he was interested and would be willing to meet with missionaries in a few weeks since he had just had knee surgery but he had just moved to preston so I sent his details to the missionaries there and they called right away and he said he wasn't interested at the moment because of his knee and then 3 weeks later he showed up at church even though he hadn't really been in contact with the missionaries those 3 weeks and then he was taught and later baptized... all because of a phone call! goes to show that no effort is wasted!

Thursday we had a really broken up weekly planning since we had some random appointments in the middle of when we were supposed to be planning but we were able to invite someone to be baptized on the 7th of February

Friday I was on exchange in hyde and after a long day of no success we decided to tract after a tea appt. and we were able to go in and teach someone on the first door we knocked. 

Saturday we had a curveball, we didn't get transfer calls. we had a tea appt. and there was a non-member there and we both felt impressed to invite her to be baptized but didn't get the chance and as we were walking to the bus we decided to go back and invite her to be baptized of which she declined so we invited her to pray to know if being baptized was the right thing to do and she said she would so now all we have to do is wait and pray that she receives and recognizes her answer. 

Monday we got transfer calls!! well looks like my life became a rerun since I am now going back to serve in none other than Blackburn.. I think there will be not one person more excited than umesh. (don't let umesh know that I am being transferred to Blackburn its going to be a surprise)

JANUARY 5, 2015
I had a great exchange with elder Bennett of which it is his 2nd transfer in the mission. we also learned that our investigator lives outside of our area which was disappointing. oh and yesterday we went to go see who I thought was a less-active but it turns out that it is the daughter who is less-active and the mother isn't a member so now we are teaching the mother

DECEMBER 29, 2014
 I would like to thank everyone for the letters that I received from everyone, I loved all of them. I have spiritually written letters back to everyone but im not sure they will ever be physically written.  Haha!   Thank you everyone  you for the money umbrella.. I was suspicious of the umbrella the entire time haha I knew that I wouldn't just get an umbrella sent to me.

Looks like someone has been doing a little scripture marking!

Looks like it's time for new shoes!

I've come to the realization that it is impossible for them to be normal!!!





*******We loved getting these pictures from Elder Butterfield carrying out our Christmas traditions all the way across the world!  It looks like he got to spend the day with some really good sports!!!! 

Here's a little information to help you know what they're doing in the pictures above: 

Our crazy traditions started when the kids were little....they would spend the night together in one room on Christmas Eve, then wake up the next morning and sing Christmas Carols to let us know they were all awake (because we all know that...."THE BEST WAY TO SPREAD CHRISTMAS CHEER IS SINGING LOUD FOR ALL TO HEAR"!!!).  

Once we were satisfied with their singing, we would bring in banana milkshakes and let the kids tell us about the 3 service project they had done during the Christmas season to help someone else. 

Next came Mike, Sr's famous game of "Wicked-Awesome-Father-May-I".  The kids would take turns following Mike's crazy instructions, like "Boston, take one giant-step forward and then a half giant step forward, suddenly realizing you shouldn't go forward...and a giant step backward and then a bunny hop-hop forward" or "Jordan, take three elephant snarls forward, one giraffe gallop backward, and then do a gorilla thump thump forward with a cat yell" (being sure to always remember to say "Wicked-Awesome-Father-May-I" or they would miss their turn) to finally reach the front door......

...and then it was off to Christmas Calisthenics in the freezing cold!.....for the kids, that is!  Mike and I always stayed toasty warm as we stayed inside and cracked the windows just enough for Mike to call out the required exercises and for me to take pictures & video.  Once the Calisthenics were done....they finally got to come in and see what SANTA brought them.  

It was so fun to see the tradition continues, even clear across the ocean in England!

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