Wednesday, July 30, 2014


July 27, 2014
Elder Butterfield must be trying to break some kind of record by writing the shortest emails known to mankind!  This week he said he found out that he is transferring to Telford, so a whole new set of adventures await him.  Many of the pictures below are of him saying goodbye to some of the awesome people he got to know in Stretford (and a couple from amazing people from Colwyn Bay and Blackburn). 
One of his favorite friends, Jordan King, from Wales
is on vacation in America now, but posted this
before he left.  It was too funny not to add to the blog!

He had a great visit from his awesome friends, Dot and Umesh
from Blackburn.   

Cloud 23....A restaurant on the 23rd Floor
I believe this was taken from the window at "Cloud 23"

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