Monday, October 28, 2013

October 28, 2013....Eating Air!

Sorry there was no post last week, but Elder Butterfield sent a "nothing much has happened yet, love my new area" noninformational email, so I didn't post it.  In the email I sent him this week, I told him that no more of the "nothing much happened yet" emails were allowed or he would be fired!  haha.....luckily, this week's email has a little more substance...

October 28, 2013,

Wednesday we got a new investigator.

Thursday we had to go to chorley for a skills training and we have run out of funds so we have to walk everywhere and eat air.

Friday we planned for the upcoming week and while we were planning it was sunny out and as soon as we left the flat to go to our appointment it started pouring rain... i got completely soaked because our appointment was 30 min. away and we had to walk and when we got there we were 45 min. early so we had to wait in the rain with the lightning, Saturday elder rodgers and i had to wake up at 5 to clean the baptismal font for the baptism of the sisters investigator... i was so dead!

Sunday all of the talks were about missionary work and then after church i got to ride in a convertible BMW

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