Monday, August 12, 2013

August 12, 2013

August 12, 2013

Monday a member took us to Sondonia National Park and we went and saw an old copper mill because it was Elder Leiva's birthday. 
Bridge they had to cross
Tuesday we had a zone meeting and afterwards we had our exchange with the Porthmadog elders.  We went to Abergele to contact potentials.   
Wednesday Elder De Ligne and I went and met with an investigator who had disappeared for a while and then contacted us out of the blue.   
Thursday we had a Full Mission Conference and Eder Nelson and Elder Holland spoke to us!!!   
Friday we took an investigator to the British Pageant along with 2 members. Elder leiva and I almost didnt get to watch it because there were no seats left  so we had gone outside and a couple of seconds later someone came out saying that there were 12 seats left so elder leiva and i went in and the seats were right in front of Elder Nelson and Elder Holland!!!!! so we got to sit next to 2 apostles!! 
I was so tired on saturday.   

Sunday elder leiva and i had to give talks. I went first and my mind completely blanked and i ended up only giving a 5 minute talk so elder leiva had to give a 20 minute talk.

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